Region: The West
Distances: 126 Kms.
Inhabitants: 307.661
Extension: 1.061 Kms2
Latitude: 14°46'26
Length: 91°11'15
Height: 2.114 MSM


Like at the present time the territory of the department of Sololá was occupied by three towns, k´iche´, tz'utujil and cakchiquel. One of more important indigenous documents is the Memorial of Sololá, also known like Memorial Tecpán Atitlán, Annals of the Cakchiqueles or Anales of the Xahil. This document was written by two members of the family Xahil, Francisco Hernandez Arana and Francisco Diaz, between 1573 and 1610, like a title or proves for a judicial process. This department offers two attractive natural ones fundamentally: the volcanos (San Pedro, Tolimán and Atitlán) and the imposing lake of Atitlán. The lake is located to 5,000 feet of height and has 18 km in length. There are two versions of the formation of the lake, first it is that the lake is an old dead crater and the other than the sprouting of volcanos interrupted the course of the three rivers that come from the north, which when reuniting its waters in the place, gave origin to the lake. The lake does not have visible water-drainage. Around this geographic feature it goes up to around the legend of the “Xocomil”. The etimología of Xocomil, comes from the voices cakchiqueles Xocom, jocom = to gather; il = sins, that is the wind that gathers the sins of the inhabitants of the towns located to border of the lake. Its main mass media are the highway that crosses its territory and this is the Inter-American CA-1 that towards the West leads to Quetzaltenango until arriving at the border with Mexico. Account also with National Routes 11 and 15, as well as with suitable departmental routes that unite to each other to the different municipalities and with the neighboring departments. In the margins of the lake are 12 towns, that they are possible to be visited in a route in boat, call “the 12 apostles to them”: - Panajachel - San Jorge Laguna - Santa Cruz Laguna - San Marcos Laguna - San Pablo Laguna - San Juan Laguna - San Pedro Laguna - Santiago Atitlán - San Lucas Tolimán - San Antonio Palopó - Santa Catarina Palopó - Tzununá In this department besides to speak the Castilian, also three Mayan languages, Quiche' are spoken, Tzutuhil and Cakchiquel. This he is one of the more important enclaves of tourism of Guatemala. Sololá offers ecoturismo, mountain climbing, ecoturismo, cultural tourism, observation of birds, archaeology, canopy, coffee tour, etc